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There is now (finally) a page listing all games released by the studio. Enjoy.

New game (prototype):
Attraction by default


Attraction by default is a game developed for the single-button-game challange at

The basic challange of the game is to move from the start of the level to the exit. The tricky thing is that the player only has one mode of transport, pulling towards the closest controll point. The game has a total of 14 levels, but the last one is intentionally uncompletable (this is a prototyep and not a complete game ;P)

Earth Invades v1.1


Earth Invades v1.1 was released today. It's a small update where the most notable feature is a feedback form where players can submit suggestions or just flame a little because they think the game is too damn hard.

The imformation provided will be used when developing v1.2, which will probably be released by the end of 2011.

Earth Invades 1.0


After almost a years worth of free time, Studio Superattack's first game, 'Earth Invades' if finally released. It will be sent to flash portals in the committing weeks, but if you want you can play it here.

(Please ignore the date in this post. This is the really late end of September and nothing else.)

Earth Invades beta screen shots


Some new screen shots from the third (and hopefully last) beta of 'Earth Invades' have been added. The game will be available to the public by the end of September 2009

SPX 09 DEMO screenshots


"Earth Invades" has gotten it's own section, and it features some screenshots from the demo displayed at SPX 09.

Site versions is now v002

SPX 09


SPX this year was a blast as always. Lots of interesting comics and funny people.

An early demo "Earth invades" was available. Most people seemed to really like it, which is great since it means my instincts are right about the gameplay. The only real common big complaint was the intolerably large amount of story in the first level. Terribly sorry about that. ^^;;
I've already started reworking the dialogue so that there will be much less chitchat before you actually get to play.

Game ready for SPX 09


The demo of "Earth Invades" (previously known as "Earth is invading") is finally ready to be shown at Small Press Expo 09. And that with a whopping margin of 3 days.

Site launched


This site is finally available on the intornetz. This is great because now I can spend more time getting the "Earth is invading" demo ready for SPX 09.

The site versions is now v001

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