Current projects

Project N.O.M.

Late 2015?

The goal of Project NOM is to create text-adventure with Nothing Obviously Missing, preferably in time for IFComp 2015. The main design philosophy is to ask not what should be in the game, but what is most obviously missing when observing the current state of development.

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Finished games

Fjuffy teh kloud (JAM)

April 2015

Help Flyffy (a dyslectic cloud) prevent global warming by collecting carbon dioxide.

Developed in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 32.

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Attraction by default (JAM)

April 2014

Move through levels by, pulling towards the closest controll point. The game has a total of 14 levels, but the last one is intentionally uncompletable (this is a prototype and not a complete game ;P)

Developed for the single-button-game challange at

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Earth Invades

October 2009

The studios most ambitious project (so far). The evil Earth-ians are invading the peacefull planet Mars. And only one pilot can stop them.

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Shelved experiments

Too many to mention ;)

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